Grocery Store Visits and Food for Health & Healing

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Grocery Store Visits
-- $50 (1.5 hours)

Tours rotate between King Soopers, Sprouts Farmers Market and Natural Grocers

Limited to 4 participants per class

      Call the office for date, location, time and to register. Classes fill quickly!!

Just because you shop at a health food store, doesn’t mean you are buying

healthy food. And, just because you shop typical grocery stores, doesn’t

mean you’re getting poor quality food. Learn how to navigate the grocery

aisles, read labels, uncover conveniently marketed toxic ingredients, and

leave knowing where to find healthier foods throughout the store.

Get answers to the following questions: 
     Are you struggling or confused about what to buy at the grocery store?
     Want to learn how to stock your kitchen with healthy (and yummy) foods?
     Do you want to know which foods are harmful?
     Organic vs Conventional? Natural or organic doesn’t = healthy! Conventional doesn’t = BAD!
     What foods are irradiated…and, is that harmful?

All the guess work, time, and energy has NOW been taken out of grocery shopping. At each grocery store visit you will receive a list of healthy foods by brand name for that store. 

             Bonus Gift: laminated wallet-size 
Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 List

Food for Health & Healing – $65 (2 hours)

                                                  Limited to 10 participants per class
                                                  Class held at Nourishing Within's conference room

                                                                 Call the office for date, time and to register

                                                  Take what you learned during the grocery store visit(s) (not a pre-

                                                  requisite) and apply it to your health and healing process. In this class,                                                   we will discuss the following:

--Do's and Don'ts during each stage of health: ailing, healing and maintaining

--Strategies to balance blood sugar, heal adrenals, reduce inflammation, heal from all types of ailments, and more
--The importance of eating seasonally, food combining, choosing certain foods and refraining from others 
--Save $ at the grocery store and time in the kitchen by menu planning and making a grocery list
--Recipe sharing…please bring a favorite healthy recipe to share (on paper)

--Basic food substitutions…instead of giving up on a favorite recipe, let’s figure out if there’s a healthier substitute​

                    Bonus Gift:  grocery list and meal planner


Discount Specials

#1 Attend 1 Grocery Tour and Food for Health & Healing at regular price and receive $15 off additional grocery tours.

If you attend 2 grocery tours and Food for Health & Healing you gain 5 hours of valuable information for $150 (reg. $165); attend all 3 grocery tours and Food for Health & Healing for $185 (reg. $215)

#2 Referral discount special -- call the office for details.

Terms: must register and prepay in advance

Call the office now at 720-305-3585

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