​A Resource for Wellbeing

Initial Consultation -- 1.5 hours                                                                               

An in-depth health history will be taken. Health and nourishment goals will be discussed, goals will be set, and a plan of action established and implemented. You may click on the Book Online button (above) to view schedule availability, however, initial appointments must be scheduled through the office. Please call 720-305-3585.

Follow up Consultations -- 1 hour 

Recommended for "newer partners", current status/progress review of health and nourishment goals, assessment and testing will be performed, a plan of action will be continued and/or updated, and where necessary supplementation will be suggested. You may click the Book Online button (above) to schedule an appointment or call 720-305-3585 to book via phone.

Follow up Consultation -- 30 minutes                                                                             

For established "partners" only. Assessment and testing will be performed. You may click the Book Online button (above) to schedule and appointment or call 720-305-3585 to book via phone.

In-person, phone and Skype consultations available. All ages and all conditions welcome.